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For several years now, organisations across the globe have been incorporating social media into their business strategies. It is a tool that changes the way we connect with the world, whether that means customers and clients, other professionals or even our own employees. For this reason, it is important for companies to stay educated on new social media developments and endeavor to use them to further the growth of the business. We are living in a transitional time where workforces are built up of a combination of digital natives and digital immigrants. HR departments have the challenge of encouraging their entire workforce to embrace social media as an important part of their job.

One of the reasons many people choose not to embrace social media is fear of the risks it brings. The media often share stories of the dangers of social networking and particularly for digital immigrants who were not raised using the tools, the internet can be a scary place. But what better way to educate yourself on the risks than to have a go! That being said, figures show that older generations are gradually embracing social media with the 55-64 years olds making up the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter. If HR makes time to ensure that employees are fully training in using social media at work, businesses will have a much more productive and up-to-date workforce.

Social media platforms provide a continuous, current stream of up-to-date information for you and your employees to take advantage of. It has never been easier to access industry knowledge and connect with other professionals in the same sector. By encouraging the use of professional social media, you are enabling your employees to build on their expertise, bringing sought after knowledge and skills to your business.

What are your thoughts on social media in the workplace? Is it allowing employees to waste too much time or an investment into the future?

Here at Independent Personnel we provide a tailor-made service to ensure you have the right policies and practices in place that match you and your business’ needs.