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What is Employee Engagement?
Employee engagement concerns the relationship between a business and its employees. It is the concept of the employee holding the same core values as the business and actively working to meet these shared goals. This means they are wholly committed to working hard and doing a good job. This extends far beyond the mandatory tasks they are expected to complete, as an engaged employee is concerned with how to do the job better and how it can be improved to benefit the business. On the whole, an engaged employee has an incredibly positive outlook on their job and is dedicated to bettering the business they work for.

What are the benefits?
It is clear from the definition that employee engagement is an important concept. It not only means that the employee is happy in their job but also that they are on the same page as their employer. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits employee engagement could bring to your business.

Increased Productivity– An employee who is fully engaged in their job role is a productive one. They understand the job they are undertaking and are committed to doing everything they can in the best possible way.

Improved Service– No matter what service your business offers, it will be clear to your clients or customers if your employees are engaged or not. Engaged employees are dedicated to providing an exemplary service and understand that how they present themselves reflects on the business too.

Employee Satisfaction– Employees who are engaged are happy at work and so consequently are likely to remain at the business for longer periods of time. Also, engaged employees promote positivity in the workplace, making for a much happier team.

Overall, employee engagement is hugely beneficial for all aspects of a business. Regardless of their role within the company, an engaged employee is promoting a positive, hard-working ethos that reflects the core values of the business making for a highly productive service and a happy, healthy workforce.

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