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October 1st has yet again brought about some important changes to employment law. Read on to find out about the changes and how they may affect you.

National Minimum Wage

National Minimum wage will increase for all age brackets. Workers over the age of 21 will now earn £6.50 an hour and 18-20 year olds will see an increase to £5.13. The wage for 16 and 17 year olds is now £3.79 per hour and apprentices under 19 or over 19 and in the first year of their apprenticeship will now earn at least £2.73 per hour.

Antenatal Rights

It is now the legal right of the partner, civil partner of husband of a pregnant woman to take unpaid time off work to attend up to 2 antenatal appointments. This comes as part of the new shared parental leave law and gives the partner the right to accompany the mother to midwife and obstetrician appointments, with a limit of 6.5 hours per appointment.

Equal Pay Audits

Employers who are found to be in breach of equal pay law may now be ordered to carry our equal pay audits. This will identify any differences in the pay between men and women as well as highlighting the reasons behind the equal pay breach in question. This information must then be published on the employer’s website, available to employees, applicants and competitors for a minimum of 3 years.