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For many businesses one of the biggest stresses of the recruitment process is the time it takes to hire someone new. Time needs to be taken out of existing employees’ already busy schedules to create job advertisements, interview applicants and train successful candidates. Follow our tips for cutting down the time it takes to hire a new employee without compromising on the quality of the recruit.

1.Plan Ahead

Rather than simply recruiting as and when new staff are needed, plan ahead to predict when your company will need to hire. For example, if you run a busy retail store you may know that you will need to take on more employees over the Christmas period. This means you can complete the majority of the advertising work ahead of time before it becomes an urgent matter. Job specifications and advertising posters can be put together in advance ready to simply publish when the time to recruit comes.

2. Consider Different Interviewing Techniques

Alternative interviewing methods to the traditional one-on-one conversation can save the company a lot of time during the hiring process. Group interviews allow the interviewer to assess multiple applicants at the same time with the added bonus of being able to see how they work in a group situation. It may also be worth considering phone interviews. This can save time for both the employer and the candidate and allows for one-on-one conversation much like a traditional interview.

3. Make good use of social media

No other means of advertising can spread word as quickly as social media. Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn can connect you to a wealth of people who may be interested in and suitable for the role you are advertising. Posts on these sites are also shareable and your contacts will be able to quickly and easily forward the advertisement on to anyone they think might be interested and suitable for the post.

4. Consider your current staff

The best way to save time when hiring is to eliminate the advertising process altogether. Hiring internally means you can assess prospective candidates as they work and offer the position to them if they are deemed suitable. Another option is to advertise internally. This means that although a little work will have to be put into advertising, the candidates will all know the company well and time can be saved on inductions and training.

Here at Independent Personnel we provide a tailor-made service to ensure you have the right policies and practices in place that match you and your business’ needs.